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“Our aim at Health and Safety Outsourcing is to deliver Quality EHS to companies through Training, Auditing, Safety reviews and Investigation assistance. Our goal is to make companies and businesses safe environments that comply with all legislative requirements.

If a safe working culture is your goal we are certain that we can help you to attain this in a cost effective and timely manner. Please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance in the link below.”

Our principal resource is our trainers most of whom are independent trainers with vast life experience. We value their experience and what they bring to a training session. Being interesting is a quality that we insist on in a trainer and we believe that this attribute above all else makes our training work.

We have training rooms available in the Louth area however we can accommodate courses all over Ireland primarily in a hotel setting if so required.

We will also deliver training on site if required provided there is adequate space for accommodating same. Businesses’ commitment to training can often be poorly represented when the delivery environment is not up to standard.

Training length varies dependant on content. Our normal length of time for delivery is 4 hours but this can vary.

Bespoke courses adapted to your needs such as a general course for your safety statement to specific task course delivering a safety plan.

Team building, mindfulness techniques and personal development courses adapted to your industries needs and requirements.

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Our motto is “ Safe in our Hands”. That is what we strive to achieve for our clients on every course. We believe that it applies to all business owners, managers and staff.

We strive to make the content both more enjoyable as well as more relevant to your staff with the aim of emphasising the need for a safer mindset when working outside of the scope of the element being taught.

Training is an effective opportunity for feedback from staff where concerns and difficulties can be highlighted. This feedback is often constrained when internal staff are utilised for training other staff. We have found that this element alone is of great benefit.

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